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2010 feng shui update at Peach Blossom

Ox will have "Hong Luan" Peach blossom.
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This is a marriage star, and if you are pursuing of marriage you are in luck this year. For married ladies and gentlemen beware of ex-marital affairs.

How to neutralise this star.
Put an electronic music box at the West and North East sectors of your home.

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Sheep will have "Tian Xi" Peach blossom.

Again this is a marriage star but weaker than "Hong Luan". If you are pursuing of marriage you are in luck this year. For married ladies and gentlemen beware of ex-marital affairs.

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How to neutralise this star.
Put an electronic music box at the South West and North East sectors of your home.

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Rabbit will have "Xian Chi"" Peach blossom.

This star will tends to create short-term relationships and particularly true with someone you already known. For married ladies and gentlemen beware of ex-marital affairs.

How to neutralise this star.
Put something red at the South sector of your home.

Attract wealth according to your Chinese Zodiac animal sign

There are many ways to attract wealth into your life using feng shui and astrology. One of them is according to your Chinese Zodiac animal sign. Below is the things to put according to your sign.

Rat Place a red packet at the South sector.

Ox Have water at the North sector.

Tiger Place pebbles at the South West sector.

Rabbit Place pebbles at the North East sector.

Dragon Have water at the North sector.

Snake Have a mecahincal music box at the West sector.

Horse Have a mecahincal music box at the West sector.

Goat Have water at the North sector.

Monkey Have plant at the East sector.

Rooster Have plant at the East sector.

Dog Have water at the North sector.

Pig Place a red packet at the South sector.


2010 feng shui update

Validity from 06:43am 04/02/2010 to 12:38am 04/02/2011

House's Feng Shui in 2010. Feng Shui flying star chart decoded.

Tai Sui, 太岁位 article from

This year Tai Sui, 太岁位, "God of the year" housed in the 3rd sector of North-East corresponding from 52.5° to 67.5° which is the home location of the Tiger. (2010 Year of the Tiger).
Do not disturb the ground of this area.

If you confront Tai Sui, you will experience defeat; demotion, loss and any venture will be met with obstacles. Instead, sit with your back to the North East and he will support you. Avoidance is the best cure.

Sit with the Tai Sui behind you in any business negotiation. And make the other party confront the Tai Sui which will assist you.

Place a pair of Pi Yao in this sector to pacify the sha qi of Tai Sui.

If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in this sector, place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out and if possible get advice from a professional Practitioner and to select an auspicious date to start the work.
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Tai Sui conflict or Sui Po sector 太岁冲 or 岁破

The Tai Sui conflict or Sui Po sector 太岁冲 or 岁破, is the sector opposite Tai Sui which is which for 2010 is South West 232.6°-247.5°. Tiger and Monkey clashes.

You should treat this area the same as the other annual afflictions with no groundbreaking work, renovations or any noisy activities. If disturbed this area can and normally will cause immediate health problems especially for the elderly so please be very careful.

If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs, start from left or right from this sector and ends at this sector.

Year 3 killing, 年三煞

Year 3 killing, 年三煞 sector is at the North corresponding from 337.5° to 22.5° sector.

caution is not to disturb the ground where the Three Killings sits. Everyone should pay attention to this especially if the house faces this same direction. If the location of the Three Killings is disturbed by noisy renovation or digging activities, there may be unwanted consequences for the residents involving illness, loss of wealth, accidents, back-stabbing, injury and, in extreme cases, fatalities and etc.

Frequently using front doors that sits at The Three Killings' direction in any given year are considered a disturbance due to the opening and closing of the door. Care should be taken to avoid slamming of doors especially with youngsters around the house.

If you are moving your desk around this year, never sit with your back to this direction (North). You should face or confront the 3 killings.

Place 3 Qi Lin in this sector to pacify the sha qi of 3 killings just inside the door facing out.

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Monthly 3 killing 月三煞

Monthly 3 killing 月三煞 sectors depends on the months you are in. For the months (these are all lunar months according to chinese calendar)

Lunar month 1, 5, 9 at the West sector,
Lunar month 2, 6, 10 at the East sector,
Lunar month 3, 7, 11 at the South sector, and
Lunar month 4, 8, 12 at the North sector.

PLEASE USE OUR Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui arrangement to check the actual dates for the months shown above.

Flying stars charts for 2010 (from 06:43am 04/02/2010 to 12:38am 04/02/2011) as below.

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1. enhancing romancing star 1 桃华位 , at the West.

2. suppress illness star2 小病位 in the NorthEast,

This illness star 2 flies to the NorthEast which is a Earth sector making illness affliction strong. This will effect members of the family especially ladies.

3. suppress dispute star 3 争斗星 in the South,

This quarrelsome star flies to the South sector which brings energy of disputes, fights, litigation, lawsuit and etc.

4. activating scholastic star4 文昌星 in the North,

5. suppress deathly star 5 大病位 at the SouthWest

This misfortune star will bring along wealth loss or threatining terminal illness. This year it flew into South West which is a Earth sector making it more powerful.

If your main door is here. Place a gray carpet and put a piece brass underneath it. Everytime you enter or going out, make sure you step on it. You can add a brass windchime.

If your kitchen is here. Kitchen belong to Fire which make the star 5 much stronger. Put a brass windchime, a gray carpet with a piece of brass underneath. Put a glass of water to control Fire.

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If your bedroom is here. Put a gray carpet with a piece of brass underneath.

6. enhancing military star 6 武曲星 in the East,

7. avoiding robbery star 7 破军星 in the Southeast,

8. enhance wealth star 8 左铺才星 at the center, and

9. enhance celebration star 9 右弼喜星 at the NorthWest.

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2010 feng shui - overview of the Geng-Yin 庚寅 year of the Tiger

overview of the Geng-Yin 庚寅 year of the Tiger

This year Geng Yin, 庚寅 is Wood Fire year.

Beginning this year ie. from 2010 until 2015 Wood and Fire dominating the years. For those who need Wood and Fire to properous they will start to rise beginning this year and the best year will be 2013 util 2015. They can start thier own businesses with good potential customers, learn how to get started in investing in the stock market and real estates and so on.

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However for those who needs Metal and Water to prosperous, this will be the time to stay a low profile.

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Due to Metal Wood clashes this year, this year tends to have more road accidents and injuries. For those having thier names with Wood and Metal 金木, in the centre of your home put a glass of water.

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From 2004 until 2009, being Metal Water dominating year, you saw a lot of ups and downs in ecomony, investments, properties, changes in powers and so on. From year 2010 onwards, the economy will be stabilising especailly during 2013 'til 2015.

This year, economy will be quite stable and do not expect much returns. Even if there are any major ups and downs it will stabilise very soon.

Stock market

During Spring and Summer it will be quite stable. Not bad returns during Autumn and Winter.

Property market article from

Not a good year to invest in property, however if for your own use it is alright.

Industries article from

This year Wood dominates the whole year which benefits industries which involved publication, tailor, chinese medicine, agriculture, landscaping, medical, timber, textiles, education, school, teacher, police personnel and so on.

Fire and earth industries are the same and of the odinary. Fire industries likes oil, wine, computer, dressing, beauty saloon, cosmetics and so on. Earth industries housing and property, farming, ceramics, mining, plasctics, fertilizers and so on.

Water industries do not expeect any breaktrough. This includes sales personnnel, music, air-conditioners, cold storage, importer/exporter, Mass media, Airlines and so on.

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Various approaches to feng shui cures - Part 1 at

To all my readers,

In Flying Star Feng Shui practice, we can take the following approach:

1. Harmonise or balance out a conflict
2. Avoid untimely star
3. Make use of your existing features and environmentIt is very important to avoid the untimely stars like 2,5, and 3.

It is bad if we open our doors in these areas, having our master bedrooms at these places, put the kitchen or stove at these locations, which will bring problems to the occupants.

1. Three combination method - (1, 4, 7) (2, 5, 8) (3, 6, 9)
example 1 and 2 please refer to

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How to apply Eight Mansions Feng Shui (Part 1) from

To all my friends and readers,

How to apply Eight Mansions Feng Shui (Part 1)

IMPORTANT: You do NOT choose a suitable house section based on your personal or life GUA. This is the MOST COMMON MISCONCEPTION. Your gua number is used to determine your favorable directions not favorable sections of the house. A house has its own chart with 4 good and 4 bad sections just as your life gua or kua has 4 favourable and 4 unfavourable directions. Sections and directions are two different concepts.

In 8 mansions feng shui, all houses and property are divided into 8 sectors based on the kua from the later heaven arrangement. Each kua represent a direction in the compass with 45º per sector. It takes into consideration the sitting and facing of the house but does not take into consideration of the time dimension. 8 mansions feng shui does not regard a property as changing with time.

Most important sector are (the general selection rule)

Heavenly Doctor天医, Tian Yi your wealth sector. Make sure there is no missing wealth corner and your toilet is not here. Air conditioners in the wealth sector is great.

Six Killings六煞, Liu Sha your relation sector. You need this not because you want ex-marital problems but in modern days we all talk and communicate with people everyday.

5 Ghost五鬼, Wu Gui. This is your most distrasous sector; sickness, bad luck, disputes, and etc. Your main door and kitchen is very unfavorable here. We called a house as "Dispute house" when 5 Ghost五鬼, Wu Gui arrive at the main door. No air conditioners allowed here. Missing 5 Ghost五鬼, Wu Gui corner is good. If kitchen is located at 5 Ghost五鬼, Wu Gui, Kitchen belong to fire element. it will brings complication to your health involving heart, eyes, skin, blood circulation.

The rest of the bad sector sound bad but not necessary bad for everyone. Take the left figure as an example. Total Loss绝命, Jue Ming at the North sector which is Kan 坎 kua, water element, water control fire, which means this sector in unfavorable to those with Li 离 kua, fire element. Personal 8 Mansion life KUA

These 8 mansions are further divided into 2 groups - East 4 mansion and West 4 mansion respectivly. In order to identify what type of house is suitable for a person, you will need to derive from your personal kua. This can be done through our Personal 8 Mansion life KUA. Individual kua number is based on the year of birth and gender. This is used to discover personlised auspicious and inauspicious direction. However, it is only neccessary to do this selection for personal gain for example in your working room or bedroom.
Just make sure your house feng shui is good. Selecting a house using the flying star feng shui and adhere to the general rules of 8 mansions is always good enough. Very good indeed.
* Stay tuned for part 2 on "How to apply Eight Mansions Feng Shui "
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